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Admin information

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Admin information

Post  SHAGGY on Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:22 am

First off there is two ways of getting admin. You can either donate to become an admin or you can try out for server leader.

1. To be a server leader there has to be a position open on the server, we offer only one leader per server. You must be mature and handle your admin correctly. If you fail to use your admin correctly you will lose your position. If you are interested in being a server leader then form a thread and fill out this application:
Css name:
Steam id:
Qualifications: (what qualifications you have that make you more distinguished from the rest)
Server: (what server you are trying out for)
Commitment: (what have you done to help the community, and how long have you been apart of TF)

2. You can also donate, we offer 1 server for $10. Please use your admin correctly. Click on the Admin Rules for info.
Here is the link for donations:
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