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Community please read!

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Community please read!

Post  SHAGGY on Wed Oct 28, 2009 4:47 pm

I know most of you are trying to help us get operational asap, and I do appreciate all you guys are doing. I have also gotten questions daily over several subjects, so here are your answers for now.

1. The first servers going up are prison break, deathmatch, and stock. We will add more as time goes on.
2. Only members can have admin, and must donate to receive these powers(unless you have the position of server leader).
3. The positions are being made, I have appointed 3 as server leaders so far. Towelie is the server leader of deathmatch. Slapchop for prison break. MagicMan for stock. If you are interested in a position then please pm me.
4. We will be accepting donations once our first servers are fully operational.
5. Yes we are making changes to the forums they are in no way finished.
6. Vent for the most part is setup and the info is posted under announcements.
7. There will be no attacking any clans ever nor associating with the TU clan at this time. They do not treat our members in an orderly fashion and disrespect us quite often, so please keep that in mind while you game with them. You will see their cute |Anti-TF| tag. Laughing

Sloppy, Matt, and I are really busy trying to get these servers operational as soon as possible and get the forums fixed as well. We would appreciate your cooperation with us while we try to get this as close to home as possible.

Many of you have messaged me via steam and have gotten no response. Well its nothing personal ive just got my hands really really full. As soon as im caught up with everything I will be back online, chatting, and playing on our new unique servers.

Please be patient with us.

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