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I am Leaving.

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I am Leaving.

Post  MagicMan on Wed Dec 23, 2009 8:58 pm

Shaggy When i ever I log on, No one is in Chat, I still havnt seen the scrim team up, Even though I offered to Run it. (this is do to Matt saying we should wait on the poll I made a while back) And The only server i ever see populated and not by much, is PB, and I dont like the whole System that it uses. And for the MVP server, IT IS ALWAYS EMPTY. and unfortuneatly I am leaving for good. Laters. And shaggy you should do some rap battles ><
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Re: I am Leaving.

Post  panter :P on Thu Dec 24, 2009 4:49 am

Mm, I'm sorry to hear that you leave..

I'm even more sorry to see that you join 420, which is something I don't understand..

I have told a member of this clan a whole story about this clan, their servers and their members. I'm not going to tell that again. We are a small clan which is getting bigger and bigger, we have 50% of members living in the USA and 50% of the members living in the Europe, so that means we have a problem with the timezones and you will play most of the time with the USA members. Only the problem here is that most of the TF members are Europe (or play on Europe times...).

Only way to let people get in the servers is by populating it, if you don't populate than nobody will join the server and it stays empty, just running away towards a other clan with the same problem doesn't help...

How ever, I'm happy that I know you, I like you and I wish you good luck in the future. Don't forget to come back sometimes and see us growing, maybe you will come back than...

We dont have enough players for a scrim team, so thats a problem.
Also for everyone, Shaggy has turned into the roll of ''Wiggles'', which means he will pay for everything (and hope you guys donate...) but he will stay on the background for some time to get his personal live under control. That means that changing some things could take some longer time..

But yea, you can't rush perfection Very Happy

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