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Founding of The Fallen

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Founding of The Fallen

Post  SHAGGY on Mon Oct 26, 2009 3:50 pm

The birth of this community came with ideas from several people all formerly from the clan The Unforgotten. After this clan was near its end, many members wanted to make their own clan and stick together....So. Matt(former captain of TU) and SHAGGY(former member of TU) decided to put a clan together. Desperately looking for members, we asked old friends of TU for help and opinions. As time went on, we both decided a community would be more formal then a clan and would attract more visitors. Finally getting to work and putting in action, we asked those friends if they were interested in joining us. Osiris our first official recruit came up with the name The Fallen on October 25, 2009.

The friends and first members to join us were Magicman, Mr. President, Zwolf, Sloppy, Towelie, The Bomb, and Warhead. These members are trusted and are very appreciated by this community for their opinions and hardwork to get this community up and running.

We will continue to grow over time and hope to draw many fans and friends to us.
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