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Garrysmod Lua codeing

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Garrysmod Lua codeing

Post  Littleman LOL on Sat Nov 28, 2009 4:45 am

Well, I think only "Towelie/Stuart" knows. (hops it spelled rite).

And that is I mite be getting a server for garrysmod. 24 slots. Uk ftw. Sorry lol...

Any way. I am working on making Extra class's and Shit. And more shipments for yall.

So heres how it works.

I have made so far

Original Class's
Pet. (I removed it since its more of an abusive one)

And what i have added so far.
Drug Dealer-Sells drugs... (Starts with p228)
Bl@ck Market Dealer-Sells things that Gundealer can't sell... (Ak47s, Sg552, Galil, Lockpicks, Keypad Cracker, Unarrest sticks and some more i think)(Start with Glock2)
Thief-Can steal things.(Starts with Lockpick/Keypadcracker)
Guard-He guards good or bad.(Starts with StunStick)
Admin Police-Only admins can use this class. Its being an admin. But in a roleplay style...(Starts with a fuck load. Eveything cop/chief/mayor has and gangster/mobboss has and lots of REALLISTICCSS WEAPONS...)
Terrorist- Well its in his name, He just murders...
Banker-He is the banker... He helps to save money/make mobboss life a bit more funner XD
Hitman-He takes hits...
Worker-He works for someone... But it can be for anyone.

And now i need your ideas.

Soooo Help me think of class's... Smile

Littleman LOL
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Re: Garrysmod Lua codeing

Post  SHAGGY on Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:57 pm

hell i like it, you should do it on the map c18.

oh you should put a nuke on there too, ive always thought about it. like terrorists can buy it for a lot of money. like a million or so since it takes a while to make that much. so they can kill everyone in the city that would be so effing cool.

oh lets see you need bartender that can sell beer, need a doctor, hotel manager, cook that sells all the food, security guard they just get hired to be security for certain shops

another thing i like is when you can use a shotgun to shoot peoples doors down that is great i love it, or a grenade to knock props out of place. weather mod would be cool too so that way you can make it rain, snow, earthquakes and such at random that stuff is really cool too. i have sooooo many ideas for a gmod server and actually considered buying one, its way more realistic then css. i cant get enough of it!!!! im a gmod junkie Smile
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