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Post  Secret Agent on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:02 pm

Before you think of me just as another "Troller" or "420 member" remember the things I did with you guys.

We all know I had my differences with Kharn before in TU but this is not me saying I hate 420 because I personally think they're great and Im not leaving them anytime soon.

Let's face it this seperation between the 2 is really stupid we all know that.

But shaggy I just don't agree with what you did to Kharn you say he insulted TF when he never did. You banned him because you fear him.

In banning him you made a bigger rift. We both know there are TF members who still enjoy playing on 420 mafia servers aswell as 420 M likes to play on TF Servers. Now normally I would just stay out of this but seriously? What are you accomplishing by banning kharn.

I mean did you really think he wouldn't take that offensively? That he wouldn't make your members take off their tags before they enter a 420 server.

One more thing. How dare you say Tu never liked each other. There were no cliques we did all like each other so do me yes just me a huge favor and stop talking crap about 420 we didn't make anti TF Lance did. We told our members not to wear anti-TF tags so honestly it's you guys that have a problem with us.

Thank you for your time.

Secret Agent

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Re: TF

Post  SHAGGY on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:20 pm

Let me tell you something secret. This is tf. You are in 420. Stay on your forums. Leave us alone. What I did accomplished by banning kharn? Lets see..I run this community. I DO NOT like kharn, thus he will be banned whenever the fuck I feel like it. THIS IS THE FALLEN NOT 420!!!! GET THAT THRU YOUR effing HEAD! WHAT THE FUCK DOES IT MATTER IF HE IS BANNED HERE? HONESTLY. YOU ARE NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN THIS COMMUNITY. THE FALLEN DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND 420. I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT IF THERE IS A RIFT BETWEEN US TWO. I AM NOT LOOKING TO BE ALLIES WITH ANY CLAN. I AM HERE FOR MY OWN COMMUNITY, NOT TO MAKE PEOPLE FROM 420 HAPPY. QUIT STARTING DRAMA HERE AND effing LEAVE US ALONE. WE ARE NOT THE UNFORGOTTEN AND WE ARE

I'm effing sick to death of hearing what the hell is going on in 420. If I cared to know I would have joined the dam family. BUT I effing DIDNT. JESUS effing CHRIST. Nobody else pissed me off this much but you and your dam "drama queen" friends or clan whatever you call that.
Big Boss Man

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Re: TF

Post  Sloppy on Sun Nov 08, 2009 10:30 pm

Well, i would like to make a few points.

Being one of the owners of TF, I have seen a lot of differences between 420 and us. I have also seen behind doors and I get the first thought about what people have to say. All I want to say is I have nothing against 420. But I do have something against some of the leaders, one being kharn. I'm a man about professionalism. You may have your view of things from the outside Secret, but there are things that I see from the inside. Do I want to list them? No, because I'm not here to down people. Me and Shaggy are working in building this community up....not just Shaggy. So whatever is said, I'm right here listening and voicing my opinion. As far as kharn, he is one of the oldest but yet acts like one of the youngest. I wasn't here when this took place but i was certainly notified about it. I can tell you that a lot of the members that we have here did not want to join 420 because of him. So with that, I believe we have every right of keeping him away from the community to keep things easy. There are things that go on like bribing (yes bribing!), name calling, personal attacks, and acts of opposition to us. We are done with that and we don't want stuff to keep brewing, so our act is justified.

I don't know how you heard about this but I will tell you, the people in Iraq hate American's because Sadam used propaganda to manipulate their minds and make them fight for himself. This sounds exactly like that.

So please do not bring problems into our forums and believe what you want. The only drama happening is people coming over to our forums to bash us......


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Re: TF

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